First Fleet weather research in the news

Research into the treacherous weather conditions the First Fleet battled on the epic voyage to Australia has attracted a wealth of media attention this week. SEARCH lead researcher Joelle Gergis spoke with a range of media about the First Fleet weather reconstruction she prepared with Rob Allan and Philip Brohan of the UK Met Office: … Continue reading First Fleet weather research in the news

Salvaging sunken treasure

The State Library of New South Wales has published a feature on the SEARCH project in their quarterly SL Magazine. In the article, lead researcher Joelle Gergis describes how the project is drawing on the wealth of information available in the State Library of New South Wales' First Fleet journals collection. Download a PDF copy … Continue reading Salvaging sunken treasure

The melancholy loss of H.M.S Sirius off Norfolk Island March 19th 1790, by George Raper. Credit The National Library of Australia.

Weather conditions of the First Fleet voyage

HMS Sirius Lieutenant William Bradley recorded the daily noon temperature in his weather journal maintained over the course of the First Fleet's journey from 1787-1788. He continued to record the noon temperature while the HMS Sirius was anchored at Port Jackson during the first eight months of the settlement of Sydney Cove. Analysis of these … Continue reading Weather conditions of the First Fleet voyage

Discovering Australia’s first weather record

As a young American researcher working in Australia in the late 1970s, Robert McAfee made a startling discovery that would have a huge impact on Australian Climate History research, the weather diary of Lieutenant William Dawes. This is his story. When I was a grad student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison I received a telegram … Continue reading Discovering Australia’s first weather record

In the media: First settlers battled weather extremes

Australia's first European settlers had good reason to complain about the weather, according to a landmark Australian climate history project. Lead academics on the SEARCH project, Dr Joelle Gergis and Prof David Karoly recently conducted an analysis of the journals of Lieutenant William Dawes, outlining temperature conditions at Sydney Harbour in the early days of … Continue reading In the media: First settlers battled weather extremes