Google Earth animation of the weather conditions of the First Fleet voyage

HMS Sirius Lieutenant William Bradley recorded the daily noon temperature in his weather journal maintained over the course of the First Fleet’s journey from 1787-1788. He continued to record the noon temperature while the HMS Sirius was anchored at Port Jackson during the first eight months of the settlement of Sydney Cove.

A preview of the paper to appear in the UK journal Weather is available here

The route of this historic journey, together with the temperatures experienced by those aboard the Sirius can now be viewed in a Google Earth reconstruction, prepared by Dr Philip Brohan of the UK Met Office. This work forms part of the global effort to recover historical weather data, the Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions over the Earth (ACRE) Initiative. Further details of Bradley’s weather record are available at

View the weather conditions of the First Fleet voyage, as animated in Google Earth (Google Earth .kmz file)

If you do not have Google Earth, download it here. whois directory