Project update: November 2020

This is an update about the citizen science project we’re running on Zooniverse. So far, we’ve had over 900 volunteers helping to fill a gap in the longest daily weather record for Adelaide. 

We’ve now completed just over 60% of the transcriptions. And, we’ve already plotted up and shared results on our website for the preliminary, unadjusted temperature and pressure data that’s been collected by volunteers. 

But we still need your help to collect the rain days, wind speed, wind direction and remarks. We’re really interested to complete the rain days to understand more about Australia’s natural variability, and the wind-related observations, as these help to verify the pressure data you’ve collected. 

It’s easy to do transcriptions on Zooniverse, and you can spend as little as a few minutes, or as long as you want looking at these gorgeous old weather journals. 

Just go to our homepage for Climate History Australia on Zooniverse, and you’ll see you have a choice of what workflows you want to work on. There’s easy, medium and more difficult workflows.

So far, one of our volunteers has even uncovered an extreme rain and flooding event which occured in October 1848 – so there’s still lots to discover! There was very little data on this period previously, and your work will help give scientists a high level of detail of the daily weather at the time. 

If you have issues along the way, you can talk to us directly on the Talk Forum on Zooniverse. Just click on the ‘Talk’ tab at the top of the page. We’ve noticed that citizen scientists love having this direct access to our researchers and scientists. One thing that we’re really focussed on is making sure that we engage with our volunteers. So we’ve shared some results, but we’re really looking forward to sharing the end results of this research with all of our volunteers, which we’ll do via Zooniverse, and also via our e-newsletter, which you can sign up for here

We’re so close, but we can’t do the rest without you! We’ll look forward to chatting to you on the Zooniverse forum, and remember you’ll have great bragging rights to tell your friends that you’re helping with this important project.

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