First Fleet weather research in the news

Published on 30 September 2010 by in News


Research into the treacherous weather conditions the First Fleet battled on the epic voyage to Australia has attracted a wealth of media attention this week.

SEARCH lead researcher Joelle Gergis spoke with a range of media about the First Fleet weather reconstruction she prepared with Rob Allan and Philip Brohan of the UK Met Office:

– Australian Geographic
– The Age and Sydney Morning Herald
– ABC News
– SBS News
– The Daily Telegraph

The reports come as a conference in New Zealand, coordinated by SEARCH research partner Andrew Lorrey, aims to promote the recovery of old weather data buried in logbooks and early weather records.

Further details of the conference and the First Fleet weather data recovery research is available in this Australian Science Media Centre online briefing.

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International Palaeoclimate meeting in The Age

Published on 09 June 2010 by in News


Image courtesy of the Australian Institute of Marine Science

Over 70 palaeoclimate scientists from across Australia and around the world were in Melbourne last week for the Aus2K regional workshop.

The meeting was an opportunity for scientists to present the latest palaeoclimate reconstruction data for our region; information that will feed into the fifth report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, due in 2014.

The event was hosted at the University of Melbourne’s School of Earth Sciences.

The workshop was co-organised by SEARCH project lead researcher, Dr Joelle Gergis, along with Past Global Changes (PAGES).

The Age featured a page three interview with Dr Gergis and fellow SEARCH Project researcher Prof David Karoly.

Further information about the Aus2K workshop is available from the PAGES website.

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The VoiceThe University of Melbourne’s Voice newspaper has featured The South-Eastern Australian Recent Climate History project on page 2 of its May edition.

Lead researcher, Dr Joelle Gergis, discussed the background to this landmark linkage project, while project historian, Professor Don Garden outlined how historical documentary records would be utilised. The feature is available on The Voice‘s website.

The Voice is inserted into The Age on the first Monday of every month. The Age‘s circulation is over 200,000 and as such, the feature represents great exposure for the project.

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Australia’s first European settlers had good reason to complain about the weather, according to a landmark Australian climate history project. Lead academics on the SEARCH project, Dr Joelle Gergis and Prof David Karoly recently conducted an analysis of the journals of Lieutenant William Dawes, outlining temperature conditions at Sydney Harbour in the early days of the settlement.

The SEARCH team discovered that the weather experienced during the first few years of the colony were cool and wet. The colony then bore the brunt of a severe drought that began in 1791.

The findings are profiled in The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and ABC Radio.

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