SEARCH PhD student awarded NLA Summer Scholarship

Published on 07 December 2010 by in News


SEARCH project PhD student Claire Fenby has been awarded a National Library of Australia Summer Scholarship for 2011.

Claire is the recipient of the annual Norman McCann scholarship, awarded for research into Australian History.

She will be based at the NLA from 4 January to 12 February 2011 to conduct a cross-regional study of south-eastern Australian climate and weather from 1835 to 1845. .

3 Responses to “SEARCH PhD student awarded NLA Summer Scholarship”

  1. ross knee says:

    I have been keen for someone to do climate analysis of the Lake George hydrology for many years. The Commonwealth Bureau of Mineral Resources ceased monitoring the water level in the Lake in 1988 and I was able to start monitoring again in 2007 but of course it didn’t start to fill until last year. My interest is in long term hydrological records, in terms of droughts, as ACTEW is the urban water supplier for Canberra. We plan our water security based on inflow records from 1910, extended by rainfall records to 1870 and then stochastically generated to 10,000 years. We then apply a climate change factor to those records. I am particularly interested in seeing if there is any value in trying to extend our 140 years of record back to the start of Lake George information around 1820, ie 190 years back, to see if there are naturally worse droughts in that period which would influence our analysis.
    My main reference is G Jacobson and A W Schuett, Water levels, balance, and chemistry of Lake George, New South Wales, BMR Journal Volume 4, No.1, published just after 1978.
    Interested in seeing if there is any assistance you can provide?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am also interested in this subject. Or better say pationate. As the Lake George levels are higher in the 19th century than in the 20th-21st, it will encompass less arid period. Water balance modelling must include variable temperature and evaporation to be valid. Please let me know when the recent measurements become available, so I can extend the serie. I am so happy they are continued.


  3. Anonymous says:

    In addition to my previous comment-I have supplied to Joelle Gergis the graph from the 1991 paper, also reprented and referenced in my report
    Joelle had someone (may be you?) working on didgitising the data during Aus2k.
    Jacobson and Shuette paper was published in 1979 (not 1978).

    May be this will help you.